Sunday, April 11, 2010

Leftovers Quiche

After a holiday, I often wonder what to do with all the extra food. I had a whole ham that four people barely put a dent into. Sure, there are ham sandwiches and ham for breakfast but that gets old really quick. I want to get my monies worth out of that chunk of meat! And I don't want to be bored silly with it! I did freeze some of it for soup but I like immediate satisfaction!

My grandma used to make quiche a lot. Although as a child I don't remember liking it. But there isn't anything not to like. If you like omelettes then you will like quiche. Quiche is simply eggs with anything in a pie crust with cheese. Mmm yummy!! What makes quiche special is you can take any leftovers and make it into a quiche. A handful of leftover vegetables and a little bit of leftover meat and you've got yourself the perfect quiche! Quiche can served for any meal. I prefer it served room temperature.
Leftovers Quiche
Coarse salt and ground pepper
3/4 cups leftover vegetables (I had asparagus from Easter dinner)
1/2 cups leftover meat (I had ham)
4 large eggs
1 1/4 cups half-and-half or whole milk
1frozen pie crust
1 cup shredded cheese (4 ounces of your choice-I used cheddar)

Preheat oven to 350 degrees

In a large bowl, whisk together eggs, half-and-half, 1/2 teaspoon salt, teaspoon pepper.

Sprinkle with cheese on top of pie crust.

top with asparagus mixture. Then ham. (look at my pie shell-not so pretty)

Pour egg mixture on top.

Bake until center of quiche is just set, 50 to 60 minutes, rotating sheet halfway through.
Let stand 15 minutes before serving. I actually like it room temperature. (To store, let cool, then refrigerate, up to 1 day. Reheat at 350 degrees until warm in center, about 30 minutes.)

Now my dinosaur oven isn't the greatest and doesn't make the prettiest quiche but it sure was delicious! I had three slices with a glass of wine for dinner.

What's your favorite quiche?

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Meg @ A Dash of Nutmeg said...

I wish I could convince my fiancee to eat quiche! It's so yummy!!

I've never had quiche with asparagus in it before but that looks yummy!

Fab Find Foodie said...

Well I love quiche with bacon, cubes of swiss and chopped onions...but boy does that look fantastic with asparagus!! I love using pre-made pie crusts for quiche, it just saves sooo much time! Plus, I cannot crimp a crust to save my life! ;)

Anonymous said...

Yay Quiche! I am such a fan. Great recipe you have here and that photo makes me HUNGRY. My favorite quiche is gruyere cheese with artichokes and tomatoes. I make it every spring for brunch with a big arugula salad.

Another great post! Thank you for sharing!

Mama Bird said...

Popping by and now following from UBP! I do love quiche. I think my fav would have to be ham, swiss, tomato & onion. YUM! Love the idea of using up leftovers. Going to start doing that. Please pop by Mama Bird's Nest for a visit!

Jessica said...

Great idea! I'm going to have to remember this.
BTW: following back :)

Miller Moments said...

Mmmm, I think I'll make this tomorrow!

Life Is A SandCastle said...

Hi! I'm your newest blog follower, yummy Quiche! I love you can use leftovers and how easy they are to make:)

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