Saturday, July 24, 2010

Ballplayer's favorite burger

I've been doing burgers every Saturday for weeks now. It's been an opportunity for me to share my favorite burgers that most don't make. Every week The Ballplayer asks when I will make his. Knowing I have already covered it quite a while ago. I'm not a sissy burger! Named because Brian can eat the whole thing and because he has always called his sister lovenly Sissy. When he found out that the name Sissy can also be derogatory he was thrilled like only a little brother could be!
At any rate let's review The Ballplayers favorite burger. Complete directions are available on the link above.

Grilled onions
Loads of cheddar cheese
Homemade Secret Sauce
All on a fluffy roll


Chef Dennis Littley said...

now thats a great burger...bacon, cheddar and secret sauce what more could you want!

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