Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Chicken Quesadillas

I'm shaking things up!! Taco Tuesday is just as good with a quesadillas. So fast to make, so good and so easy. This should be in every mothers menu. These get made for last minute meals all the time. This was the first thing The Ballplayer learned to cook. And I use the word cook loosely. Sticking two tortillas stuffed with cheese in the microwave doesn't count as cooking if I'm expected to cook but for him, it was a step in being independent. Now I don't use the microwave to make quesadillas. I like them crispy. But the microwave is perfect for new cooks.

Chicken Quesadillas
Shredded cheese
Rotisserie chicken or leftover chicken or even chicken from the lunch meat section

I like to use my griddle. Heat on medium high for a couple minutes. Place tortilla on the griddle and cover with cheese. I like a lot. Cover with chicken. You could also add salsa, beans and fresh cilantro.

Cover with another tortilla. Let cook until one side is crispy then gently flip. Cook the other side till crispy.

It's a nice quick alternative to tacos. I like to serve with sour cream. A slice of avocado would be nice too.

Family Friendly Note This is another great meal that the kids can help with and can be made to suit picky eaters!


Mhel said...

Thats what great about quessadillas. you can put anything you want, with cheese on it. Whats better is, you can even make us of left overs. Your quesadilla looks so tempting!!

Busy Working Mama said...

Mmm...that makes me want quesadillas! I haven't made them in FOREVER!

Linda www.mykindofcooking.com said...

I love quesadillas. You can be so creative with them. I have a recipe on my blog where you add a Granny Smith apple to your quesadilla.

Marsha said...

Ohhhh, we love quesadillas! They're so simple and easy. Usually we just put cheese, black beans and salsa on ours.

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