Saturday, July 3, 2010

Apricot and Pepperjack Burger

There are certain flavors that just compliment each other. Sweet and salty are one of them. Who hasn't gone crazy over a chocolate covered pretzel? Sweet and spicy are another. If you are amongst those that love sweet with spicy you will love this. Don't let the title scare you off. This is to die for. This burger is ooey with pepperjack cheese and then cooled off with avocado and Saucy Susan apricot sauce. The sweet of the sauce compliments the pepperjack cheese. One try and you will be hooked.

Apricot and Pepperjack Burger
Saucy Susan
Pepperjack cheese
Ciabatta rolls or the equivalent (I'm using day old rolls)

I wont even try to tell you how to BBQ burgers. Tonight it is just the Fireman and I so I am pan frying.

To assemble, butter and grill your rolls. I like to flip them over and add cheese to both sides of the bun. Some add cheese to the meat but for this I like to add it to the bread.

Add sliced avocado to one side of the roll. I like to smash it in place.

Add the sauce to the patty. Just do it! It will work!
This reminds me of a burger you would get at some overpriced bistro. But the kicker is that you make it at home and can enjoy it being reasonably priced.


Pam said...

Your burger looks delicious on that roll! Sweet and spicy is great and pepperjack cheese is perfect with a burger! Happy 4th!

Audra said...

This looks so...Delicious! I would not have thought to put these two together but I sure will be giving it a try next time we have burgers.

Chef Dennis said...

sounds like a very nice combination of flavours! I always love the spicy and sweet combo's, and toasting that roll was definitely the way to go!
Have a safe and happy fourth!

Linda said...

This looks like a burger I would love. The flavor combination is creative and I am sure it is delicious! I am going to give it a try!

Laura PARING DOWN said...

That sounds wonderful. I definitely want to try the sweet sauce with the spicy kick of the pepperjack. YUM!!!!

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