Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Ultimate Grilled Cheese

I got a ton of questions from readers when I put this on my menu. On the days The Fireman works I do not cook my usual big meals. The joke is that I starve my brats. Like that is possible!

So exactly what is the ultimate grilled cheese? It's whatever you like! The Tortured Teenage wants tuna on hers. The ballplayer wants light cheese, extra toasted and make it two! For me, I want not one type of cheese but two! If you really want to excite me, get some cheese bread from Panera. Just don't use white bread. We don't like white bread, unless it's sourdough. My brats like wheat bread. I don't know how it happened but it makes me so happy. One less fight!

Now you could put some meat on your grilled cheese. Personally I think meat has no place here but a sliced tomato would be nice.

Maybe you'll laugh at my giving instructions on how to make a grilled cheese. I find that most people don't make them right. They rush it and end up with a toasted sandwich with the cheese barely melted. There is an art to it. I was told the "secret" years ago from a chef. It was an Ah ha moment!!

I like to butter my bread first. Leave the butter out to soften so you aren't tearing at the bread. My kids are not capable of buttering the bread. Both always come get me. The bread gets torn up and they get frustrated.

Get your pan preheating but not on a high heat. The cheese will not melt that fast. I put my crappy stove (I haven't complained enough about that!!) on medium heat.
Put one piece of bread butter side down in the pan. Place desired cheese on the bread. I'm using extra thick slices of cheddar. I like to slice the cheese myself. I only by presliced provolone or muenster. Everything else I buy by the chunk. It's cheaper and you control the quantity.

Do not cover with the second piece of bread. The object right now is melting to cheese. The bread will toast. Don't rush it! I want gooey melted cheese.

Once the cheese shows signs of melting the bread will magically be toasted. Place the other piece of butter bread on the melted cheese. Butter side up. Now flip! The second side will toast faster than the first side.

See how gooey the cheese is? That's what we are looking for!

I like when the cheese goops up the plate!


Tiffanee said...

Yum! I really wish I had one made right at this moment. Nothing better than homemade grilled cheese sandwich.

Gigi said...

I make my grilled cheese exactly the same way you important to not have the heat too high. it's no fun when the cheese doesn't melt!

bed frames said...

I want to go to the market right now and buy loads of cheese! I am so craving with this!

Cook with Madin said...

My husband loves grilled cheese sandwich. And like what you mentioned on this post, to have at least two kinds of cheese. Nothing beats home made grilled cheese.

Michele N said...

Of course the cheese HAS to gush out on the plate and make sure you have Ruffles to clean it up!

Lauren said...

Wish I had one now.

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