Friday, August 27, 2010

Making Bacon

I really need to cover this because it seems to be unknown by so many and baking bacon is really my preferred method. If you have been in front of the stove with grease popping at you, then I have a treat for you! Bake it! it comes out so perfect, so not greasy and you can still save the drippings if you are after them (I rarely ever do that.)

First you need one of these baking cooling racks. I use mine for everything from cooking oven chicken nuggets to steaming buns for hotdogs. Originally I bought mine for cookies. Those days of baking are long gone (well not completely but one can wish!)

Stick this into your cookie sheet. Line the rack with bacon, careful to not overlap. Overlapping is bad. I didn't need much bacon this time but I have loaded the pan down.

Put into a preheated 425 degree oven. It takes about 15 minutes but do not trust my calculation because I have walked away from bacon and wondered what was burning too many times. It just happens too fast. Take out and transfer to paper towels (I still do it)


Merut said...

This is a brilliant idea! I usually cook bacon in the microwave (I know, it's pathetic) because I hate cleaning grease, but I may have to try this method.

Mama Bird said...

I do love making and for a great treat add a little brown sugar to the bacon! It is divine! Great on salads. I love the cooling rack idea, I have been using a broiler pan, I am betting the rack will work much better! Thanks!

Mhel said...

that's my ideal bacon! golden and crispy. not too greasy! Thanks for sharing this.

TheCraftBarn said...

Great tip! I posted a link to this on my blog:
Jennifer @ The Craft Barn

Lorsby said...

I used this method last night when we had a potato bar for dinner. Happy campers all round. :)

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