Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Breakfast Burritos

Little League may be finished for us but baseball is alive and well in our home. The Ballplayer plays year round. Travel Ball has just started and started with a BANG!!! I find that these early morning games are best paired with a good breakfast so my Catcher has plenty of energy for the double or triple headers that his day will most definitely bring. At this tournament, my Ballplayer caught for 15 out of 18 innings. I cant even squat for three minutes without complaining. And he loves it!These are his favorite burritos. I find I can toss them together in about twenty minutes. They dont require as much bacon as would Bacon and Eggs so the bacon stretches farther. You could swap out any ingredient (except eggs) for whatever your family is craving.

Breakfast Burritos

4 pieces of bacon cut into bite size chunks
4 small potatoes (or 2 large) cut into small chunks
1 onion diced
1 bell pepper diced
6 eggs
6 large tortillas
seasoning of your preference

First thing I do is start cooking the bacon. Normally I like to cook bacon in the oven but this requires the grease. or at least my Ballplayer needs the extra calories. Always start bacon in a COLD pan.
While the bacon is starting to cook, start chopping the potato, onion and bell pepper. I do very small chunk for each of these. I do it this way so they will cook evenly and fast!

Once the bacon is half way cooked, add the potatoes, bell pepper and onions. I am seasoning with my Fireman's Seasoning

In a bowl crack all the eggs. I like to season with salt and pepper.

Turn heat down to medium. Pour all the eggs over the meat and potato mixture. Just keep stiring and folding over the mixture till it is just about cooked thoroughly.

Add cheese to the eggs. Don't stir...

This is when I also start throwing tortillas on my griddle. This home has yucky electric appliances. I miss my gas stove especially when warming tortillas. I am using whole wheat for us grown ups that have spare tires to watch.Flour for my Ballplayer. He would eat the whole wheat but he prefers the flour.
My kids ALWAYS play dumb when rolling burritos. They claim only mom can do it. It is so easy. Stuff the eggs in the middle of the tortilla. Fold in both ends.
roll one side over

and Voila! you have a burrito! Yes I did just use a French word with a Spanish dish. I break rules everywhere!
I like to cut in half and serve with my Homemade salsa.


Life's Essentials said...

Ooohhhh!!! That makes me hungry!!!
LOVE the way you post pictures of every step!!

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