Saturday, September 25, 2010

Sun Dried Tomato Pasta

"Hi! My name is _______ and I am a carbaholic!" I need to attend a meeting. I think there should be Carb meetings along with the AA meetings. After all I am addicted. And to be frank, I dont think I ever will give it up completely. So here is another very quick and very satisfying pasta recipe. I am making it for me (and me alone) for lunch today. You can double/triple for your family. The added pine nuts are my favorite. This is one of those recipes that you can toss together and not measure.

Sun Dried Tomato Pasta
recipe is for 1
Angel Hair Pasta
2 TB sun dried tomatoes in oil
1/2 fresh grated Parmesan cheese
6 Calamata olives chopped
2 TB pine nuts roasted (I use these a lot, so I buy them at Trader Joes or Costco in a big bag. Unfortunately I haven't made a run to either store and had to settle for this little over priced bag)
1 clove of garlic minced (oh heck with it how about 2 cloves...I love garlic)

Start your water boiling. In the pan you will make your 'sauce' in, toss the pine nuts in and toast over medium heat. You are looking to lightly brown. It will take maybe a minute, so keep an eye on it.

Transfer the toasted nuts to the bowl you plan on serving the pasta in.

Scoop out the sun dried tomatoes and oil. I happened to grab the julienned version so I dont have to chop but if you have the whole tomato, carefully scoop out without oil and chop. Place in pan and add some of the oil. Having them already chopped is just easier. Add the garlic to it and cook till the garlic is browned but dont burn! If the garlic cooks and the pasta is not done, take off the burner.

Add the olives to the pan.

Grab a couple TB of pasta water, careful to not burn yourself. Sometimes I need the water and other times I dont. It depends on how much oil I scooped into the pan with the tomatoes.

Add the cooked pasta (as you can see I cooked more than one serving) to the pan and toss with the cheese and the pine nuts. Add the pasta water if if seems too dry.

I am so hungry I could eat it out of the pan.


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