Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Quick Basil Pesto Chicken Alfredo

I am cheating tonight. This is all out of a jar, box and a bag of broccoli. But sometimes we need shortcuts so we can get meals on the table in a shot amount of time. The Tortured Teenager loves Alfredo sauce. She loves my home made the best but she wont turn her nose up at the jarred version either. There is just something comforting about a cheese sauce whether it is on vegetables or vegetables.

Quick Basil pesto chicken Alfredo
1 jar of Basil Alfredo sauce
1 package of broccoli
1 package of angel hair pasta
2 chicken breast

First things first. Take two chicken breasts, season with salt and pepper and saute up in a frying pan over medium high heat till the inside is completely cooked. Let sit five minutes before slicing

Cook up some angel hair pasta. This is for The Ballplayer who thinks vegetables are not carby enough for a meal, which I agree but I am watching my figure today (maybe not tomorrow)
I love vegetables that are ready to use. Three minutes in the micro wave and done!
Heat up the Basil Alfredo sauce. Add some salt and pepper if so desired. Maybe some parmesan cheese too.
I found this at Target. I love pesto so basil Alfredo is a no brainer for me.


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