Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Strawberry Coconut Cake

This is my "I ran a 5K" cake. Which for some may be nothing but for me it was a huge accomplishment. I was not a runner growing up. I did not take up running until a year and half ago. I never had any aspirations to run, it just happened. On my morning walks, I somehow lost my mind and ended up running all the down hill areas. I did that for about three months. I mean why rush things. I never ran previously so I wasn't going to jump into it. Before you know it I was running the uphills, as a dare to myself. "I bet you can't run that hill" and those stretches became longer until I was running a mile at a time. So a girlfriend told me I should run a 5K. There is no pressure to run the whole thing or to finish in a time limit. I really tossed it back and forth in my mind. People I know would be there. I run alone for a reason. I really don't want anyone to see me panting and dying on the side of the road. I literally did not register until the last day. I even threatened to not compete. But I was there bright and early and met up with friends. I ran the whole thing and felt so....accomplished, relieved it was over and proud. Next year...10K

This cake is too easy. I use a cake mix. Some are better than others but I use whatever was cheapest or in my cupboard.

Really you are going to follow the directions on the box but instead of water use Coconut Milk

Bake according to the box

While the cake is baking slice up a cup of strawberries and sprinkle 1/4 cup of brown sugar (I dont measure) and stir it up. Let it sit or maserate. If you really want to be wild (and kids wont be eating) take a couple TB of Malibu rum and stir into the strawberries

Let cool and frost, I am using store bought frosting but stir in a tsp of vanilla or if you want to get wild, add 1/2 tsp coconut extract.
Sprinkle some sugar on the frosting. I like the effect.
Serve with the strawberries.
I like the syrup how it soaks into the cake.


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