Friday, September 16, 2011

Pickled Carrots

I am dying to learn how to can. It has become an obsession. I am reading about it all the time, and looking at pictures. I have to learn. I blame my little garden. It is producing all these yummy vegetables so fast we cant possibly eat them fast enough. I must can. I must. But to be honest, I am little scared. There are all these warnings about making yourself sick. So I am going to the Canning Queen. The authority on canning. But not this week. So in the mean time, since my carrots need to be harvested, I am going to pickle them. Most of my family likes carrots raw but cooked...not so much. I love, love, love pickled vegetables, and buy them all the time in the store and for a pretty penny. I will eat them as a snack, put them out when we have guests over, and my favorite...on salads. I make a marinaded vegetable cold cut salad that is to die for. In fact, I might have to make one for lunch today...If I have time.
I searched online for the perfect pickled carrot recipe but instead am going it alone. I want a combination of sweet and spicy. So I think I have it. These store well in the refrigerator for four months. You could can them in a warm water bath but I am not to that point yet. These wont last four moths so its all good.

these are out of my garden. Dirt and all. Time for a bath sweet carrots.
Starting to look clean...almost
Emma is unimpressed with my carrots. Unless I add a steak, she is down for a nap
So orange and clean
Chop into strips. This was the death of me. Why I didn't make it easier on me, I have no idea.
In a pan heat up the following
2 16 ounce bottles of organic unfiltered apple cider vinegar
2 tablespoons salt
1 cup granulated white sugar
Just heat until the sugar melts

In the bottom of each jar, add one clove of garlic, one jalapeno sliced in half, and I am also adding some red bell pepper just to make it pretty.
Pack carrots into quart jars and fill with pickling liquid. Seal. I am not putting in a water bath. Somebody told me to flip over. This later is told to me by the Canning Queen that it is an old wives tail. I'm a sucker for an old wives tail. Oh is that a crack on the ground?



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