Friday, September 2, 2011

Dakota Grilled Cube Steak

I picked up this marinade on vacation home to Idaho this spring. I have been trying to find different ways to use it. I like the smokiness of the marinade. It reminds me of the way beef jerky smells. Smokey and peppery. It's good.Tonight I planned on making Cube Steak with Bacon & Mushrooms but I will admit, I wanted to play with The Fireman's grill. Yes I am still playing with toys that aren't mine. That is the joy of marriage. Maybe I just didnt want to cook inside. It has been nice outside and I crave sitting on the patio with a frosty beverage.

This was a little to easy to make. I tossed the meat into a bag, poured the marinade over it and let it sit. Careful to not let it sit too long. Unlike the Chicken the cube steak picked up the flavor in no time. I could have these on the grill in ten minutes. The time got away from me and I wont make that mistake next time. So careful! Too long in the marinade and the flavor can be too strong. These would be amazing on a bun. A new take on the Hamburger. Next time.
Grill. It is that easy
they grill in minutes. Do not overcook or you will have jerky
Serve. Yep again it was that easy. Hope your side dishes are ready


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