Monday, May 30, 2011

Dakota Buckaroo Marinated Chicken

Just took the road trip of road trips. The Tortured Teenager is graduating this year!! Moving away. Yep away. Ah don't guilt me. I'll miss her but I'm also jealous like a little sibling who's older sibling gets candy and you didn't. She's planning on going to college in my hometown state. It's complicated. I lived in three different areas that are all home to me. But where she picked to go to college THERE of all places, there was a soft spot in my big ol' heart. And she decided it all on her own! How cool is that? Since we don't live close to the college, a road trip was needed. 15 hour drive in a car (because the motor home place wouldn't donate a motor home) and not flying (because the airlines wouldn't donate tickets...what's wrong with this world?) The trip there was not so bad. The kids slept most the ride there. How'd we luck out with that? But the trip home was TORTURE!! We even made it home quicker than the trip to but it was full of whining and "how much farther?" "when are we gonna be home?" and the DREADED "are we there yet?) seriously I came up with a drinking game. Every time the asked the questions, I WANTED a shot, a drink. Unfortunately I was IN A CAR so no alcohol was consumed but had I been able to, could you imagine how tanked I would have been??

The Tortured Teenager loved her new college. I just need to figure out how to pay for it. (feel free to send donations or adopt her as a grandchild. No really.) And I got the opportunity to show off an area that everyone in my family teased me about. I've resumed my cool spot in the family. (until next week)

While I was there, my Sis turned me onto this meat marinade. Have you ever seen this before? It's amazing. Since we arrived home the night before Easter, and I definitely don't have a ham defrosted magically, we are marinating with this and bbq'ing. It's a California thing. Well it is tonight.

Dakota Buckaroo Marinated Chicken
4 pieces of chicken breast (or whatever you have)
1 cup of Dakota Buckaroo sauce

Place the chicken and the sauce in a bag. The bottle says to let marinate 15 minutes but being the rebel I am, I did two hours.
BBQ or cook on a grill pan

Do you mind sharing with me?


Michele N said...

I've tried this sauce, but not with chicken. I'll have to try this. And we're happy the tortured teenager is going to school here, it means we'll get to see you more often!

Anonymous said...


My name is Matt

I was wondering how your chicken turned out. I love this sauce on Chicken but i usually use the hot & spicy, as i feel it adds a little more zest. Have you tried any other recipes with this sauce?

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