Friday, May 20, 2011

Cheater's Honey Dijon Chicken

A girlfriend told me the other night she was making "cheaters spaghetti" for dinner. I fell for it, had to know what she meant. It's was all out of a jar or bag. Genius! I have stolen her term. So tonight I'm making Cheaters Honey Dijon Chicken. I've made it home made. You remember last year's Honey Mustard Chicken? The sauce was SO good I used it for a dip too! No homemade sauce tonight. Lawry's is my right hand man! Too easy! Dump chicken into a bag. Dump a little sauce I to the bag and let sit. I let mine sit for a couple hours because I'm a rebel like that. Bake and serve. I'm serving with Roasted Fingerling Potato Medley that's seasoned with some creole seasoning. But I'm most excited for the leftovers. I'm digging a wrap with the chicken and some soft cheese and maybe some apple chopped in it. We'll see. Stayed tuned!

Cheaters Honey Dijon Chicken
1 cup of Lawry's Dijon and Honey
1 package of chicken breasts (mine are preseasoned)
1 ziplock bag
Dump the sauce into a bag with the chicken. If your chicken isn't preseasoned, sprinkle both sides with some Season Salt. Stick into the frig for at least an hour. Again, I don't follow directions very well, so I let it sit for the afternoon. If you take my approach, you will want to turn the bag over every hour or so to coat the chicken thoroughly.
Place chicken on a greased cookie sheet. You could and probably should cover the sheet with foil for easy clean up but being that I have teenage kids, I put my foot down and torture them with dishes. Discard the marinade in the ziplock bag.
Bake in a 400 degree oven. Every oven is different. Mine just happens to be a dinosaur and takes FOREVER so be sure to check often. After all you want it nice and juicy inside and not raw. Take out of the oven and glaze each piece with an additional TB of the marinade (from the bottle, not the bag)
This is the most important tool I have in my kitchen. An instant read thermometer is a life saver. No over cooked meats.
Stick under the broiler for just a couple minutes.
Transfer to a plate and let rest for 5 minutes
Slice and serve!


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