Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Saucy BBQ Chicken

I have a confession. I am a junkie for local sauces. If we are roaming in a store or in a town, I want to buy the "stuff" that is locally made. We have a local store on the corner from us and I love to just roam all of their homemade products. I am a sucker for bbq sauces, canned vegetables and seasoning blends. So tonight I am just grilling with some sauces. There really inst a secret to this, except that I am stealing The Fireman's grill yet again while he is with the Ballplayer at practice. I think he will get past the fact that I took his grilling job once he smells the food is done. Men, after all lead with their bellies.

So tonight I am grilling chicken. Just chicken breasts. Nothing special. In fact I would prefer these to have skin and bone but they are healthy boneless and skinless. So I will grill them slowly so they do not dry out.
I am using these two sauces and my favorite bbq seasoning. I plug this seasoning constantly. All it is, is salt, pepper, garlic powder, parsley and some sugar but it is yummy good.Grill the chicken until it is just about done and then bast the sauce all over the chicken, continue grilling so the sauce can caramelize.
Once completely cooked and saucey, place on a plate and let rest before cutting into the chicken. I know you want to eat it right away but trust me! Just a couple minutes makes a huge difference.


Pam said...

All that sauce sounds good to me. My older son just gave me a bottle of Peach Hot Sauce. OMG, it's good!

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