Friday, September 9, 2011

Move Over Little Caesars Bread Sticks...

In high school I would head over to Little Caesars for bread sticks. To be honest, I like bread sticks better than pizza. Like my son, I take off most of the toppings. I want to just eat the bread and sauce. While making pizza the other night, I decided to make some bread sticks. After all they are just pizza dough and sauce. This is too easy. Little Caesars has nothing on me.

Making Pizza dough is easier than most think. Here are two recipes for pizza dough, first being a "throw all the ingredients into the bowl" Pizza Dough and the other a Beer Pizza Dough. Take the amount of dough you would use for a large pizza and put it on a well floured surface.
I like to roll out into a square like shape. It just bakes more evenly
In a small micro wave save bowl, melt 2 TB butter and 1/2 tsp garlic powder
I like these silicone brushes because you don't find bristles on your pizza
Take your pizza cutter and cut the dough into strips

Place on a cookie sheet
bake until golden brown at 450 degrees.
Brush with the melted butter
resist picking up and eating right from the pan. No really.
Cover with Parmesan Cheese
Serve with Spaghetti sauce. Plan on running an extra mile or two tomorrow. But it's worth it.


Amy said...

These look INCREDIBLE! And pretty easy too! I am going to try this weekend.

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