Thursday, February 3, 2011

Super Bowl Munchies

I have to be honest. I really like College Football. I didn't think I would ever get the game. But in the last two years I have become a fan. The Fireman loves all sports. That being said, I am sure there will be a Super Bowl Party in our future. His favorite team is playing after all!! These are some of my favorite munchies.

Buffalo Wings
I like them HOT and MESSY.

Chips and Salsa
It has to be homemade salsa!
Baked Pub Cheese
You better make a double batch!
Saucy Poppers
A little bit of work but so worth it!And it just isnt a Super Bowl Party with out Chili!!

Turkey Chili
I picked lean turkey to make up for all the calories in the munchies


Pam said...

Perfect goodies for the Super Bowl. Rabid sports fans here, especially Bill, and I only wish the Bears would be in the SB! Love that baked cheese dish!

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