Monday, February 14, 2011

Pan Fried Steak

Still eating just meat and veggies. Boring, I know. The upside is that meals have been very quick to prepare. I can get meals out in under thirty minutes. Take that, Rachel Ray! With baseball around the corner, my life is about to get very busy again. The Ballplayer is quite happy. My excitement will come later.

The Fireman loves when I pan fry a steak. It's special to him and makes him feel like we are not only splurging on a more expensive cut of meat but he is getting a chunk of beef on his plate. I most definitely will get some criticism from my local readers that I am not cooking them outside on our pit over some oak. Sometimes I just do not have the time for that.

These steaks are New York Strips. Not my favorite cut. Totally The Fireman's favorite. I prefer a Ribeye. I think they are more flavorful and tender but these were on sale for a steal. Honest! I grabbed ALL the packages that were in the case and tossed in the freezer. The trick is to share a steak. I can feed four adults with two big steaks.
Season both sides of meat with kosher salt, pepper and garlic powder.
I like to cook my steak on a HOT cast iron pan. Get it smoking HOT!!

Let cook for a good five minutes before flipping.
I like to add a small pat of butter to the top and serve with veggies


Gossip Mom said...

I just picked up two ribeyes but am not in the mood to clean off the grill. I must find a cast iron skillet. Thanks for the post

dining table said...

I like that you added butter on the top! That is a really great idea.

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