Saturday, January 8, 2011

Roasted Tri Tip

I am craving BBQ but mine needs to be cleaned after the 13 inches or so of rain we received. Really I should just nag until I get the dang thing cleaned but I don't have the heart. The Fireman has been working his bunkers off. So I grabbed my roaster and cooked it inside. Really the only thing it was missing was the oak smoke. You could do this with a brisket if you can't buy a Tri Tip. This would be great for a Roast Beef too. Honestly I feel a little bad blogging about this. It was that simple.

Tri Tip
Garlic powder
Kosher salt

Season that baby up. Get it really good. Season the counter tops too. Why not?

Toss like a football into the roaster and cook at HIGHEST temp possible for 15 min per pound.

To be honest, I would be happy with it being medium rare but The Fireman has a problem eating meat that moos while on your plate. Marriage is all about compromise (I do get the run of the marriage so I'll give him the meat medium well)...

Let rest a good 15 minutes. No really this is the most important thing I can tell you! Slice and serve! Us low carbers are having over salad. The kids are having with macaroni & cheese.


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