Friday, January 14, 2011

Country Roasted Pork with Gravy

You will want to buy the biggest Pork Roast of Shoulder you can so you can make sandwiches the next night. Really that is the only reason I make it. No really! That and the mashed potatoes I serve the first night with pan gravy. Bad! I know! This is a good old fashioned meal, as my kids would say. I don't know why they say that. I have made it since they were able to eat whole foods. I love the smell of the pork roasting. It takes little work. You just need a good two hours. I try to make this on the weekend but sometimes I get adventurous during the week with it.

Country Roasted Pork with Gravy
What you need,
Roasting pan (think of what you use for the turkey)
Pork Roast
Fireman's Seasoning
1 onion
4 carrots
2 ribs of celery
1 carton of chicken or turkey stock/broth
1 cup dry white wine
2-3 TB WonderFlour

OK first thing first! Prepare the roasting pan. Cut up all the veggies and toss into the pan. I got a little obsessive compulsive while doing it. Place the rack over the veggies.

Look at this baby!! And I will get two meals out of it!

Season the Roast with Fireman's seasoning (this is a rub I make, click on the link and you will find the recipe) and place the roast on the rack Pour half a box of Chicken Broth into the bottom of the pan. Bake in a preheated 350 degree oven for about two hours Place the meat on a serving plate and let rest. Discard the vegetables. They have served their purpose Pour the drippings into a container Skim off all the fat (do your best)
Now add 1 cup of dry white wine into the roasting pan. I do this right on the stove top. I like using the roasting pan so I dirty up too many dishes. Using a whisk, scrape the sides of the pan and add the drippings back to the pan. To be honest, I don't really measure the WonderFlour. I just sprinkle it over the drippings. Its about 2 TB Keep whisking and if it gets too thick, add the remaining stock from the carton (remember you used it on the bottom of the roasting pan) until it is the desired consistency Slice up the meat (this is mostly brown meat so it doesn't really slice but fall apart) and serve. Look at those Mashed Potatoes!


Mark said...

That looks tooooo good!

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