Monday, April 30, 2012

Cast Iron Fried Potatoes

I am a huge fan of cooking in a cast iron pan. One of my favorite things to cook happens to be fried potatoes in a cast iron pan. Something about the way the pan is seasoned, it doesn't take as much oil and the potates taste better than when I would cook then in a tephlon pan. Which really is only for eggs, right? When I make baked potatoes I always make extra knowing that the next morning I will have fried potatoes. Leftover baked potatoes makes the best fried potatoes. That is the secret to how your favorite diners do it. Now I know I have covered this before, but the last time I took it from the raw potato. And frankly it's potatoes....lets revisit it :)

First you need a cast iron pan and you dont have to buy it at some fancy shop. You can buy it at walmart or where ever as long as you take care of it. NO SOAP.....NO DISHWASHER....I am serious here! I catch The Fireman all the time trying to put soap in my cast iron pans and it always results in a huge fight. The oil is meant to stay in the pan. Just clean out the food.

Now take last night's potatoes and slice them into chunks
heat a couple of TB oil in your pan over medium high. These babies will cook fast so do not plan on walking away to play with the puppy or read the paper.
Add the potato and some chopped onion if you have some, if not don't worry, they will taste amazing without it too
Season with this or whatever you like
Keep turning until every side is brown
Serve and eat!!


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