Friday, April 20, 2012

Hole in The Wall

Yesterday I made Eggs in a Muffin Tin, and while cutting out the circles for the muffin tin you are left with what is perfect for this recipe, Hole in a Wall. I grew up on this. I have heard it called every different name from Eggs in a Basket to Toad in a Hole to Eggs in a Blanket. But in our home it is and will always be Hole in a Wall. This is so easy that you will find your kids or even husband requesting it time and time again. I love this because you can cook the eggs to everyone's preference, as above The Ballplayer prefers his overhard and I would like mine runny inside which kills my kids.

This recipe will make four Hole in the Walls

4 eggs
4 pieces of bread (my family prefers whole wheat)
salt and pepper
coffee (that is just for's early here)
So I like real butter in the pan, just a TB to melt
Take your bread and cut out circles with a glass. I did this yesterday making another recipe. Then butter ONE side of the bread. I am using some soft margarine for that. It is early here and I am too tired and not awake to soften butter. I havent even had my coffee yet.
Let the 1 TB of butter melt in a non stick skillet over medium high heat
put the non buttered side down
crack an egg in the center of the bread
let it set up
smells so good
flip and cook to your preference
Breakfast for The Ballplayer


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