Saturday, June 26, 2010

Saturday Burger Madness!!!! Blue Cheese Stuffed Burger

The Ballplayer has decided after five years of not liking cheese that he likes it but only "expensive cheese!" So I guess Velveeta and good ole' American cheese are out! As of now he likes Muenster, Dublin Cheddar, Fontana, Sharp Cheddar and Provolone. Hmm time to try other freaky cheeses.

When I was little blue cheese was used quite a bit. We didn't have ranch dressing but blue cheese was made home made often. I'm surprised I like a cheese that not only smells bad but looks moldy. But I love it. Now Swiss cheese I'm on fence with. I haven't told The Ballplayer this but the fact it has holes in it is disturbing. I can't get over it.

It's fun right now exposing The Ballplayer to new food. He's interested and not timid like a year or two ago. I had decided to make this after watching a teammate from his team toss some blue cheese on his burger. That's my kind of burger. I normally would only make this if the kids are out of the house or if I order it at a restaurant. The Ballplayer didn't make a nasty face at the sight of his buddy's burger. Although he was a little sleepy from the Championship game we had just won. But that's another story for another time.

If you have made Poor Man Steaks, this is similar. They won't be as big since they are landing on a bun rather than a plate.

Blue Cheese Stuffed Burgers
Mix ever so gently (as to not over work the meat because that will make it tough in the end result) 2 TB Worcestershire sauce and a couple dashes of Tabasco. Just go with it!

In a bowl take one cube of softened cream cheese and one package of blue cheese and mix well.

Make a very thin patty. Place a good spoonful of the cream mixture on top of the patty. Now make a second patty and cover the cheesy patty. Crimp edges carefully. Place on a platter. Repeat process till you run out of meat. Chill patties for 30 minutes.

When ready to grill season with your favorite seasoning. I'm using Susie Q (which is a mixture of garlic powder, salt, pepper, sugar and parsley.) but salt and pepper would be just fine.

While cooking make the chipotle mayo. Don't be fooled by the name. It isn't spicy. You can make it spicy but mine is just perfect. I've got to get The Ballplayer to eat it so that tells you something!

Top with Chipotle Mayo
1/2 cup mayo
2 TB chipotle adobo sauce (it's the tomato sauce in the can the chilis are packed in.)
1/2 juice of one lime
Mix well


tahtimbo said...

Oh man, this looks SO good!!! It's pretty sad when the photos are making me hungry. You can bet that I'll be making some of these!
Oh, you should think about submitting this to:
She is collecting and sharing burger recipes.

Home-Mom said...

looks super yummy!!! will have to try but I've never liked bluecheese (scarred once thinking it was ranch)

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