Thursday, June 17, 2010

Quick Garden Pasta Salad

It's warm this weekend. I've had way too much sun. It's great! Summer is here and I never want it to leave. Now I just need to cook as many summer recipes as possible.

Warm weather begs for get togethers and BBQs. Most are last minute. The beauty of this pasta salad is that the ingredients are what you would throw into a green salad. I can pretty much bet you have the ingredients and if you are missing it then leave it out. I always have a box of dry macaroni, Italian dressing (or you can whip up some oil and vinegar) leftover salad makings (tomatoes, cucumbers, onions OR even a bag of frozen broccoli mixture) and some cheese. We like olives and pepperconis but you can leave them out! That's how easy it really is!

Quick Garden Pasta Salad
1/2 pound macaroni
1 cup diced English cucumber (about 1/2 cucumber)
1 cup diced cherry tomatoes
4 green onion stalks diced
3 peppercinis diced
1/2 cup olives sliced
1 cup diced red pepper
2 cups good Italian dressing
1 cup cheddar cheese
Salt and pepper

Boil and cook noodles according to package. Drain and rinse in cold water. Set aside while dicing veggies

Mix all ingredients together and let sit covered in the fridge for at least an hour. Best if it sits overnight. Stir before serving.


Kristi said...

Oh my goodness! you have perfect timing. I'm having a birthday party for my son next week and am planning to make a pasta salad for the mom's that my goal today was to go online to find a good recipe. thank you!

Pam said...

Yum! Perfect for a summer day. It's just starting to get warm here so this will be a great thing! Love that summer time too and don't want it to leave! Have a good rest of the day!

baby crib said...

Perfect for a summer day! This is so refreshing and nice. Have a nice summer!

Mama Hen said...

That looks delicious! Thanks for visiting Mama's Little Chick!

Mama Hen

Becky said...

Hi There.
I'm looking for your Friday-Follow post.
Have a great day!

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