Monday, June 21, 2010

The Ballplayers Favorite Sandwich

What type of foodie talks about sandwiches? This one! If it weren't for sandwiches my brats would starve when the Fireman is working! And I'm sure many moms have a sandwich night. Mine just isn't dedicated to a particular night of the week.

My local store has these little sandwich rolls for a quarter a piece. They're probably not very healthy (which is probably why my kids like them) but cheap enough to make a sub sandwich for dinner. There is always deli meat in the drawer (even if the kids don't know it) and veggies in the bin. I like that it is not only fast and cheap but you have the opportunity to give the sandwich shops a run for their money! With summer, you know this will be a staple for dinner. For me, I would want bacon and sprouts, but that is another post altogether.

Turkey Avocado Sandwich
1/4 lb deli turkey meat
sliced tomato
1/2 avocado sliced
mayo and mustard (heavy on the mustard)
Baby greens


anniebakes said...

This looks refreshing for on a hot summer day!


Pam said...

Oh, I just ate a turkey sandwich with Swiss cheese for lunch. Wish I had seen this first with the avocado! It looks delicious!

Tiffanee said...

Yum! My type of sandwich!! Looks delicious!!

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wooden bed frame said...

This is best after a long play of football in the field! I would probably be the very full after eating this.

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