Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Caramel Banana French Toast

We had just spend nearly a week out of town at a baseball tournament WITH TWO PUPPIES and the I have to admit the pups did surprisingly well considering the their age. They just travel well. But eating out of town, in a hotel with two puppies is a challenge to say the least. We made it work. By the time we came home, emotionally drained ( I also suffered the death of my sweet brother that weekend) I really needed to get back to my kitchen to cook. The Ballplayer complained all week about the hotel's french toast. "How can you mess up French Toast?" I thought it wasn't that bad! He has become quite spoiled. I will make it pretty much any day of the week for the kid. My secret is extra sugar and cinnamon in the egg. And I cook it slow until it is golden brown. For a treat, I am adding some bananas to The Fireman's and mine. Really you do not need any syrup on this dish, but if you are like my husband you probably will put a little. And I wont judge.

If you are wondering why my pictures are all different sizes? My camera was in the car and car was at the grocery store while I was cooking this feast so I was left to snap these with my iPhone. The Fireman arrived just in time for me to plate!

First thing, first, make some french toast

While the last of the french toast is cooking slice up two bananas and add 1/2 stick butter and 1/2 cup brown sugar and melt it all together on medium heat
Give a minute, I promise it will do it's thing. You still have a couple pieces of toast to grill

It will come together to make this caramel yummyness
Ok the last of the french toast is ready so cut them in half to make them pretty and spoon the bananas on top. I topped with powdered sugar only because The Ballplayer wanted some on his. Enjoy!


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