Friday, March 30, 2012

French Toast (The Ballplayers Favorite way)

I have to say that The Ballplayer is reaping the benefits of being the last child at home. He is getting benefits that my kids never got when there were four living at home (yes at one time there were four) and yet none of the older kids are giving him a hard time for it. I would have. I do however try to make sure to spoil The Tortured Teenager when she comes home from college. Making sure she gets her favorite foods prepared. But still, She never had me making french toast before she went off to school in the morning. As I recall I even complained about having to make lunches. (there were so many of them back then) But now there is only one at home and it seems so....easy. Like he is an only child. So I don't mind the occasional (which is becoming a habit) french toast.

I have to admit that this is kinda a big deal me putting this on the blog. I have told the kids that my French Toast is sorta a secret recipe. So I guess the secret is now out.

French Toast (The Ballplayers Favorite way)

This is enough french toast for my family on Sunday morning to have to thick slices for four people

8 pieces Texas Toast or Italian Bread
3 Eggs
1 cup of milk
1 tsp vanilla
1 tsp cinnamon sugar (like what you put on toast)

I mix the eggs in a pie pan. Some mornings it is a cake pan. The work great. Add the vanilla to the eggs and milk
Add the cinnamon sugar. I make up a huge batch and keep in a old Tupperware cup with a lid. I don't measure the vanilla or the cinnamon.
Mix up well with a fork
Take a cookie sheet and toss into an oven set on warm. This is just to keep the french toast warm if you plan on eating as a family. Some mornings I skip this and just dish them up as they are ready
I told you that the stove and oven were a Dino
I found some Texas Toast that was labeled California Toast. This made The Fireman happy. Like it really mattered.
Really it is just thick egg bread
Take a stick of butter and grease your griddle
Dip the bread in the egg on both sides
Then onto a griddle that was preheated to Medium high heat.
Cook it slow so the inside cooks but the outside it nice and golden
I can barely eat on of these. I cant imagine how The Ballplayer eats THREE
When both sides are brown transfer to the oven tray and keep cooking


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