Monday, March 19, 2012

Poached Chicken

There are times when I see whole chickens on sale for so cheap that I can not pass it up. I end up poaching the birds whole, picking the meat off the bones, freezing the meat and using the meat in a dozen recipes you see on this blog. But another important skill, money saving tip is the broth from that poaching liquid. I save it and freeze it (sometimes I forget and kick myself for days) but the end result is something that you cant get from the stores. Something unsalty, which is so important in recipes. So I want to show you how to poach. And in the next days, what you can do with the meat from the bird (chicken salad sandwich, etc)
Take your cleaned chicken and dump into a pan covered with water. (I put the neck and insides in a freezer bag for another use)
Cover and bring to a boil, simmer for 45 minutes covered
After the meat is completely cooked.
I buy these containers for freezing marinara sauce, chicken meats, soup, chilis, and for packaging The Fireman foods that I may not want my good plastic not returning home. You can find these at stores like Smart & Final. They are pretty cheap. I run them through the dish washer until they are trashed
Pour the broth into the containers. I let cool, refrigerate and then skim off the fat
Pick the chicken off the bones of the chicken. You will get one quart per chicken.


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