Monday, August 20, 2012

Oven S'mores

Oven S'mores
Pack of Marshmallows
Pack of Hershey Chocolate
Pack of Graham Crackers

foil line a cookie sheet. Not necessary but it is for easy clean up

Place your graham crackers on the foil
Place two squares of chocolate on each half graham cracker
I stuck the chocolate under the broiler for 30 seconds. Not necessary but so perfect in the end.

Stick under the broiler until the marshmallow is brown
Put the tops on. The will be ooey gooey. The chocolate melted more so than you're used to at the campside
I'm just going to eat one..
Oh two
Oh Heck with it! Maybe I need three lol

I blame this recipe on Albertsons or rather, Kraft foods for having all the makings for s'mores on a nice little display just taunting me, daring me to buy them. I rarely ever crave sweets. I can make cookies and eat a corner off one and be completely satisfied. That is not the case for potatoes, but this isn't about potatoes, so we will just pass that subject. S'mores remind me of camping. Mind you, I hate to camp, but I love our camping buddies. We have been friends with them for 11 years. The Ballplayer played teeball with their son, went to kindergarten with him, as well as First Communion, skinned their knees together, and countless other memories. They are some of my closest friends. One bite of a s'more and I am back around a campfire with them having the time of my life. Tonight I have no campfire and I am not going to start a fire in the fireplace although I am cold, but it's summer so tonight I will make them in the oven. It will take seconds. In some ways this ends up better. You dont have the memories around the fire but the chocolate melts in a gooey way that you will appreciate.


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