Monday, August 13, 2012

Champagne Dressing Marinated Artichokes

It is safe for me to cover artichokes again. I was covering them far too often. I have a little neighborhood market a block away. They are a little expensive, but sometimes they have a deal that you just cant pass up. For about a month they had artichokes for either 2 for a dollar or 79 cents each. Every time I needed an emergency item from the store (and this is the store we use for those items) either The Fireman or myself would come home with another six artichokes. Each of us would proclaim "snacks" as they would end up becoming dinner but would be intended as an appetizer. Each time I make them, I try to make them differently. We sit there comparing this time to the last time so forth. I wont tell you our favorite. You will just need to try them all and decide for yourself!! I do have to warn you that this recipe takes planning. You steam the artichokes (45 min-hour) then marinate them (hour maybe) and then grill (15 minutes tops)

Champagne Dressing Marinated Artichokes
3 - 4 artichokes (depending on size)
Girards Champagne Dressing (pictured below)
Ziploc bag (or a bowl would work but I recommend a bag)
your favorite dipping sauce

First you need to clean them up. I've covered this maybe a half dozen times. Take kitchen shears and cut off all the tips. It goes quickly but you want to get to sharp tips off. Dont worry about the ones on the round tip. We are going to cut those off.
Then take a sharp knife (I prefer a serrated one for this) and cut off the tip. I then (sometimes if I remember) take a half lemon and rub it on all the cut edges. This helps prevent browning

Into my steamer. Well to be honest it is my pasta pot with the water filled up to the strainer. It works like a charm and fits three artichokes perfectly. I put them in cut side down. I have no idea if this is correct or not. It is just the way I do it.
Steam for 45 minutes to an hour. They are done when a knife goes in without any resistance. I always test an outer leaf and if it is tender it's good to go. Turn the power off, uncover and let cool for five minutes so you can man handle
These babies are cool enough for me to handle. Temping to eat but trust me, they are better after you marinate and grill.
Take a knife and slice each in half. Its ok. Trust me!
Now take a spoon and gently scrape out the "choke" carefully to leave the heart
Leaving a clean half
All are done!
Place all in a ziploc bag carefully, all the same direction
Ok here is where I sound like my parents, I apologize! Do as I say and not as I do!! I poured WAY TOO MUCH DRESSING IN!!! More is not better here folks!!! Pour 1/2 cup dressing. I promise it will be enough. You do not need half the bottle as I did. And don't get distracted by the frosting in the background. lol
seal it up. It can stay on the counter till you are ready to grill, just turn them every once in a while.
Place on a HOT grill. The Fireman likes to add some seasoning. Not necessary. It is just garlic salt and pepper
Turn as they get brown. Place away from heat if they get too much fire
Serve with your favorite dip. Mine is 2 Tb Mayo splash of Worcestershire and 1 tsp of dijon mustard



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