Friday, June 17, 2011

BBQ Roasted Taters

This has become my go to side this summer. Considering how I have stolen my Fireman's grill and become the grill master of the family....wait....don't let that get out! Yes it is true, I have been cooking on the grill a lot all my little self. I have found that I have been using the grill on most nights while the boys are at baseball practice. I can have dinner cooked....or grilled by the time they get home. This has become one of my favorite ways to cook potatoes. It takes little preparation. And they cook on the grill with the rest of dinner.

BBQ Roasted Taters

4 large red potatoes
2 cloves of garlic chopped
cooking spray
tin foil

I like to precook my potatoes in the microwave if what I am grilling cooks fast. If what you are cooking will be out on the grill for over 20 minutes, then you can omit this step. I am grilling steaks tonight and since The Fireman is not here to burn them, I can guarantee I will need to precook the potatoes. Just prick with a fork or knife and pop into the microwave for five minutes.
Chop up into big chunks
Pop onto some foil. Since it will only be The Fireman and myself eating potatoes (The Ballplayer may eat one or two but not a whole serving) I am placing the potatoes on two packets. This ensures I will not over indulge in potatoes by doing them in single serving packets.
Cover with one clove of chopped garlic and if you are feeling crazy, one TB of butter. The butter can be omitted with some canola cooking spray. This just keeps them lubricated and keeps them from sticking to the foil. It also helps them get a little brown.
wrap up
toss on the grill
Everything is getting grilled tonight
Transfer to a plate to transport into the house
Break open and serve!


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