Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Double Decker Brownies

I saw these all over Pinterest last year. Pinterest is very very dangerous for me. I end up looking at recipes on my PHONE and then saving recipes to my iPhone with the intention of making them one day (I am 600 strong, so if there is a support group, I am first to go) and then I order pizza for dinner. No joke! These didn't even have a blog to go with them just a picture which I took a screen shot of with the intention of using for Christmas baking. Knowing how terrible I am about posting (I mean really, I can save these babies for next year you you all would like...) I was thinking that these are perfect for Valentines Day! I bought a special pan from Walmart for these. I think it was called a square muffin pan. It wasn't expensive and considering the outcome of these babies, it was all worth it even if I only use the pan once a year. I was thinking of using it for corn bread but I really like using a cast iron pan.Now you can make whatever chocolate chip recipe you like. I like the Toll House recipe. I know it by heart. And make whatever brownie recipe that you love. You can make it from a box. I don't care. But you need both for this recipe. At the same time. And then you need stuff to stuff in the double decker brownies. The Ballplayer loved the ones I made with a Peanut Butter Cup in the middle. I also made some with a Peppermint Oreo in them. But the best were the ones with pretzels in the middle. The sweet and salty was a perfect combo.

Double Decker Brownies
1 recipe chocolate chip cookie dough
2 recipes brownie
oreos, snap pretzels, peanut butter cups
cooking spray

prepare all your cookie dough and brownie dough
Spray pan really well. I didnt with my first batch and I regretted it. I used a small ice cream scoop (I always use them for making cookies) and clean hands to spread it out into the bottom of the pan.
Then Pick your stuffing. I did everything I could get my hands on.
 Then I used the large ice cream scoop I had and covered the cookie dough/stuffing layer

Bake 350 for 20 minutes (my oven is a dinosaur so check your double decker brownies)
Let cool completely before trying to take out of the pan. I found it took a careful pry with a butter knife and the would pop out.


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