Monday, March 7, 2011

Pistachio Cake

I have been saving this post. I only make this cake twice a year. That is it. If you missed out, you have to wait till next year. (giggles) Evil right? It isn't a hard cake to make. The recipe was originally given to me by a neighbor. I lost the recipe. Completely had a fit one Christmas because I couldn't find it anywhere and had to make it from memory. Couldn't tell you if it is anything close to the original recipe but my family loves it.

The only OTHER time of year I make this cake is St. Patrick's Day. Duh! The cake is green!! Perfect for our celebration! St. Patty's Day is HUGE in my house. I try to go all out every year. Partly because I am of Irish decent but also because The Ballplayer has the patron saint in his name. There will be Twice Baked Corned Beef with all the trimmings on my table, along with Soda Bread. Guinness is not only required but necessary! This cake, of course will be our dessert!

Pistachio Cake
1 box Yellow Cake
2 small boxes pistachio instant pudding mixes
4 large eggs
3/4 cup oil
1 cup of water
Mix all ingredients for 2 minutes
Pour into greased and floured cake pans.
Bake according to the box.
Let cool completely.
Once completely cooled and ready to assemble, make the frosting.

Combine 1 large container of whipped topping (get the big one because more frosting is better) and 1 small container of instant pistachio pudding mix (sometimes I get crazy and use the big mix or two small mixes)
Mix well and resist the urge to take a giant spoon to the bowl.
I like to start by putting a dollop of frosting on the bottom of the cake plate. This prevents the cake from moving in case of earthquake or kids barreling down the stairs to eat the cake.
This cake is yummy with out frosting but why on earth would you deprive yourself of frosting. Ok...lets frost!
Cover the first layer with some frosting. Avoid licking fingers with each swipe of frosting.
Cover with the second layer of cake...
And frost all sides and top. You could decorate it how ever you desire. I just try to get the frosting on with out kids cutting into it while I frost it.


Montecristodog said...

Great recipe. Mouth watering too. It worth a try and it looks easy.

Michele N said...

looks yummy Aricka! But it's missing chocolate. j/k I love pistachio pudding and things made with it. I might have to try this.

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