Friday, March 11, 2011

Meatless Friday's Green Bean Scramble

I am not sure why my family freaks over Meatless Friday's during Lent. We do meatless quite a bit but knowing they can't have it just freaks them out. To top it, I tend to leave them hanging on Friday's being that it is a Friday Night and they can just figure it out. Mean, I know. I do keep the freezer stocked with bean and cheese burritos, cheese tamales and then there is the endless supply of beans, vegetarian chili and quesadilla makings. My brats are older and most are not around on Friday nights.

This happens to be one my favorite scrambles right now. I have been eating it for breakfast since I am lowcarbing. Looks like it will be dinner tonight.

Green Bean Scramble

I like to buy the microwave bag that has the garlic sauce in it. Put the sauce cube to the side.

Spray the pan with some non stick spray. Saute the green beans until soft and lightly brown.In a bowl add eggs. I use three eggs per person.Add the sauce cube.Let it melt and then add the egg.


Pam said...

It sounds great and looks delicious!

Sustanon said...

I love this, but only as a side dish to some tasty meat. Again, thanks for a great tip.

Stan Susmanon

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