Friday, August 19, 2011

Green Chili Steak Wrap

So I have been missing for the last month or so. Sorry if you missed me. Life has been crazy in the Shamrock household between baseball, all stars, traveling for baseball, one child graduating high school and now moving away and my dog being sick. I had figured I would catch you all up on my life next week when the last of our children goes back to school but a frantic facebook message that my blog was gone sucked me back in earlier than planned. Yes I said that right, my blog disappeared. More than the usual break I was thinking it should be. I was hacked. They took my email address which had an awesome strict password and sent out a million emails to everyone I do not know. At least they didn't use my contacts list. Needless to say the nice people at Blogger got us back up and working. Now back to the real business, food!

Last night we had steak for dinner. It was amazing! I am a steak lover! But I cant help but think about the leftovers while I am eating. That probably isn't the greatest thing to admit. I am always thinking of one meal ahead of the one I am eating. Wraps are my little lunch obsession right now. I can take a little bit of meat, add a ton of lettuce and end up with a wrap that is under 350 calories and one that will keep me full until the next meal. I am always looking for ways to kick up my flavor while keeping the calories down. Today I am using green salsa. I can't wait to eat this!!

Green Chili Steak Wrap
Serves 1
1 generous cup of chopped leftover steak
2 green onions chopped
1/2 cup sliced cherry tomatoes
1 TB light may
2 TB green Salsa
1 burrito size tortilla or 1 FlatOut Wrap
1 wedge of Laughing Cow Cheese (any flavor but I am using the chili one)
3 cups of chopped lettuce or mixed greens
Salt and pepper

Just give the meat a dice. I don't like it too small but dont want to be tugging on it with my teeth
Add the meat to the bowl and give the green onions a good rough chop
I love grape/cherry tomatoes. I could finish a container if allowed to.
Just slice half dozen in half
Now this is what I am using. The green salsa is always in our fridge. I like it on eggs. The light may is a new addition. I wouldnt eat it a year ago but I think they have improved it a bit. Now it is the only thing I buy
Just a good spoon of each. Honestly, I dumped a little more than a spoon. But I like it sloppy.
I cant keep these in my house. You can go with the light ones or the regular and they are all good. They also make bomb pizzas
Another obsession. I can have cheese and not have it be a million calories. These are practically no calories. I buy the Creamy Swiss (I dont even like swiss but its like havarti) and the chili one. These are amazing on a turkey sandwich.
Plus I like the shape
Just spread it out like cream cheese. Cream cheese would work if you do not have this
Pile all the meat mixture in the center of the wrap
I can go through a box of this in days. Just for wraps!
Dump three cups or three handfuls on the wrap. I like to sprinkle with some salt and pepper. I know it looks like a lot of greens but it will all compact into the wrap
Carefully start rolling
Because of the cheese it should seal itself.
I like to slice on a bias. Makes me feel special. yes that is all it took
Pretty, right?


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