Monday, July 4, 2011

Gram Linda's Steak

My mother was not much of a cook when I was younger. It was more of a necessity than something she enjoyed. We didn't eat steak very often as a child. Times were tougher for us. But every once in a while we would grill up some sirloin steaks. This was her trick, her secret recipe. Her secret was always Worcestershire Sauce. It is a bold flavor that we use regularly in this house. In fact it is the key component for The Fireman's favorite Sandwich. Tonight I am not using sirloin steak but ribeyes. I am ribeye girl. But sirloin would do just fine for this recipe.

Gram Linda's Steak
extra thick Worcestershire sauce
favorite steak seasoning

Season up both sides of the steak
Place onto a HOT grill

This version (Extra THICK) is perfect for grilling
Now the Ballplayer has an aversion to sauce even if you don't know there is sauce involved so I am leaving off his steak. Spoon onto the uncooked side of the steak. Gram Linda claimed that it flavored the uncooked side. Who am I to argue?

Everything else grills with it!
Once it is time to flip, make sure you sauce up the other side.
Once the steak is grilled to your liking, serve. Make sure to let rest before cutting into.


TR Hughes said...

I have never tried thick worsestershire. I will look for it.

My Dad used to use the original version on steaks all the time.

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