Thursday, March 14, 2013

Reuben Sandwich

I love leftovers that go into a sandwich. Meatloaf, pot roast, whole chicken, turkey and corned beef. I dont even want to eat them for dinner, but just make a sandwich or sammich as we say it around my house. Corned Beef is especially good in a sandwich! squirt some mustard on it and I am in heaven. But tonight I am going all out and making Ruebens! As a little girl I did not like these because they had sauerkraut on them and swiss cheese. Two items that I just couldnt get over but as an adult I love it. It helps if you rinse and squeeze out all the water from the sauerkraut. It takes the bite out of it that was a bit too much for me. Swiss cheese is just something that I have grown to love over the years. This wasn't too bad as far as calories goes too. It was about 400 calories, using reduced fat Swiss cheese and light mayo.

Reuben Sandwich

Can of Sauerkraut

leftover corned beef or deli corned beef

thousand island dressing (I made some homemade-more on that later)

Swiss cheese)

Russian Rye Bread

 I just bought a can of sauerkraut, It was just the two of us having sandwiches. Rinse and press out all the water

I had about half of this from last night

 I made homemade thousand Island Dressing using equal parts light mayo, ketchup and relish

 I like a sandwich that is not too dry so I dress it on both sides

 add the warmed meat with melted cheese andsauerkraut



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