Monday, June 11, 2012

Grilled Ham & Cheese for The Ballplayer

When The Fireman is working I try to cook lighter. I can eat a bowl of vegetables and be happy. Not the case with my son. He loves sandwiches. We have some leftover ham from the other night so I am making him a couple grilled ham and cheese sandwiches. These are just for him. Perfect for a growing teenager after a windy baseball practice.

Grilled Ham & Cheese
4 pieces Italian bread (why Italian? because The Ballplayer is obsessed with it for his morning French Toast)
Monterey Jack cheese
dijon mustard (optional it is what I would put on the sandwich if I was eating it)

Butter all sides of the bread. And layer with Cheese
I told you we had leftover ham. I love buying hams when they are on sale and then freezing them for later
I like to get my pan heating on medium while I butter the bread, then put the bread on the pan open faced to assemble. I love to use Jack cheese, it is mild and a nice alternative to cheddar. It melts nice too.
Cover with ham and a lid just for about 30 seconds to ensure that the cheese melts. I promise it will still be crunchy.
Add the second piece of bread and flip. See, golden brown!
And the cheese is melted!
I love when the cheese melts out of the side.
Let the sandwich rest before you slice.
Oh I love that oohy gooey goodness! I might have to steal his sandwich!


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