Monday, June 4, 2012

The Shamrock's Version of a Tri Tip Sandwich

If you walk into a restaurant here and order a Tri Tip sandwich you will get this great meaty sandwich that basically is a roast that was slow cooked over an oak flame with Santa Maria Style seasoning served on garlicky french bread with salsa. It is amazing. And if you have ever moved away from this locale then you crave it. Being that I am not away. I crave it another way. This happens to be The Shamrock's Version of a Tri Tip Sandwich. You can buy Tri Tips cooked at the grocery store here (I bought mine at Albertson's) and if you dont have tri tip available you can use brisket or even roast beef.

The Shamrock's Version of a Tri Tip Sandwich
French Rolls
Tri Tip
Dijon Mustard
Monterey Jack Cheese
garlic powder

We have two boxer puppies. This is Lucy. The other one, Louie is sleeping. Lucy smells food.
Thinly slice the beef. I like to trim off the fat
Slice enough cheese for how ever many sandwiches you plan on making. I am only making one with cheese. (You know how The Ballplayer is...)
Take Both sides of the bread and butter them and sprinkle with garlic powder. Use light butter if this seems heavy on calories. Place under the broiler.
Then take one side (the bottom) and cover with meat and cheese and put back under the broiler to melt the cheese
I then put may and Dijon on the top
Come on!!!! Does that not look good? No vegetables needed! Save your salad for later!
Add some BBQ chips


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