Friday, May 11, 2012

Coke Cola Pot Roast

Another holiday has snuck up on me once again. This year is just creeping past me way too fast. Each holiday that passes I just shake my head wondering "how did that happen?" And I know that I am now the only one! I am sure my son will forget Mother's Day. And I dont fault him when I cant remember to write the correct year on a check (yes I still have a couple things that require checks!) But then I dont make too much of a big deal about Mother's Day. My own Mother and I have a pact that we wont spend money on these holidays. But the one thing that she wishes I could do is cook for her. She doesnt cook and would love to have someone cook for her. I would love to cook for her. This would be the meal I would cook for her. I know it seems like a heavy meal. But my mom loves dinner. Mother's day usually is a breakfast out type of meal. And she would love that too. But this, she would love even more. Now this is the perfect meal because it really is no work. None.

Coke Cola Pot Roast
1 chuck roast
1 onion sliced
1 envelope Lipton onion soup
1 can REG coke cola (no diet)

Now I just dumped a handful of flour on a plate and threw a literal pinch of salt and pepper on the pile. No measurement. That easy.
Put about 3TB oil in a pan and crank the heat on high and browned both sides. It's how my Gram did it so it's the way I do it. I have friends that skip that step and just go to the next step. I think that my Grandmother will choke me in my sleep.
Get it good and brown on all sides

Place the meat in the Hot Tub (crock pot)

toss one onion sliced and sprinkle the onion soup over the top

Pour one Coke Cola (NOT DIET) in the crock pot)

This is exactly how it looks before I cover
Cover and cook on low for six hours. I am getting a late start too. Its only noon. No joke!
See! Its Noon!
Ok Dinner time and what pot roast is complete without some sinful mashed potatoes? These have a stick of butter and 1/2 stick of cream cheese. Dont worry I wont tell anyone that you ate them!
Mash away and then add Pepper and Garlic Powder just for good measure.
Meat is done. Trust me! Its done!
Pull the meat carefully out
The top of the liquid is all fat. skim it off. I need one of those handy fat skimmers.
Ok fat is off, now it is all good for gravy, add to a shallow pan and add about 2 TB Wonder Flour. Just sprinkle it on top while whisking. It will magically become gravy.
It is like magic! You have to buy this! No lumps! The should totally be sending me this for free! I love this!



Domestic Goddess said...

Aricka, your coca-cola pot roast caught my eye. I make a similar pot roast, but cook mine in the oven rather than in the crockpot. I also prepare mine using a pork roast, as we always have pork in the freezer, plus I use either Pepsi or Coke, a can of cream of mushroom soup, the onion soup mix, and add some mniced garlic.

If I ever get a descent chuck roast, I may just have to give your recipe a try, as it does look quite delish!!

Aricka, I really have been enjoying viewing your blog, all the step-by-step instructions you've posted with your recipes, and the beautiful photos you have taken, that is why I have chosen you to receive the Kreativ Blogger Award. Please stop by my blog and pick it up.

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