Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Rice Pilaf

Rice Pilaf

I really try to make food that isn't from a box. You know what I mean. It is hard not to use all those mixes. They are so dang convenient. But I think I have the rice pilaf down with out grossing my son out with a million vegetables in it. The vegetables are still on the table, and on his plate for that matter but this takes just as long as the box does, but in fact I get enough for the next night, which always makes me happy and is plain enough that The Ballplayer will eat it.

2 cups long grain)
1 cup Spaghetti broke up into pieces
3 TB Butter
1/2 large Onion minced (really small)
3 1/2 cups Chicken broth

Preheat oven to 375

You will need a covered casserole dish

Dice up onions nice and small
Same with the garlic
Chopping garlic makes me feel happy. yes I am weird
Just the smell of garlic makes me happier. Yes I know...weird again
In a large sauce pan melt 2 Tb butter and get onions cooking. If you grew up with my Gram or ever ate at her house you know I'm being stingy with the butter. She would have use quite a bit more. I will add a little more with the rice.
You aren't looking for much color so keep the heat on medium and once the onions are translucent add the noodles.
And now cook them until they are brown and I mean brown.
Once the noodles are brown. Once the noodles are about half way brown I add the garlic. I don't want the garlic to burn. It gets bitter. Now the noodles and garlic should be good and cooked.
Add one more TB of butter. Ones enough but I can feel my Gram's spirit in the room and I almost added two.
Add the uncooked rice. I always loved this as a child. The smell of the rice toasting with onions and garlic is heaven. I was a strange child.
I like to add a little color to my rice. This looks good
Dump into your casserole bowl

add the chicken broth. Last week I made homemade broth. It was heaven. Undated, healthy, pure tasting, and then I forgot to freeze it. Yep what a waste. So I'm using stock in a box. Yay me.

Cover and bake 35 minutes and then let sit on the counter COVERED for 10 minutes
Its done...but it needs to sit
its perfect!!!
Perfect for dinner


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