Friday, February 3, 2012

Onion Burgers & Wedge Potato Fries

This is old school hamburgers mixed with onion soup mix fried in a cast iron pan covered with caramelized onions and pepper jack cheese served with homemade fried potato wedges. I remember as a kid my Mother making these burgers (without the onions and cheese) with some freezer fries. I thought it was a gourmet meal. Fortunately, my family does too. Tonight, I was lucky to have some help from The Ballplayer. He made the mistake of saying those magic words "I'm bored" which resulted in being put to work.

Onion Burgers
1 pound lean hamburger (turkey works great)
1 envelope Onion Soup Mix
2 Onions Sliced
4 Slices Pepperjack cheese

mix the hamburger with the onion soup mix. The Ballplayer thought this was a bit gross and opted out.
Form the mixed hamburger into four patties. Make sure you wash your hands after. Again The Ballplayer thinks this park was "totally gross"
Slice up the onions. I halved and then sliced. The Ballplayer slipped out of the room. The little bugger is slacking on his duties. So I cried alone in my onions until he returned and I blamed him. Then told him how onions make you cry. Always the joker.
Add two to three TB oil to a pan for the onions and caramelize the onions on medium heat. I like them dark brown and crispy.
Since The Ballplayer is back I put him back to work cutting washed potatoes into wedges. Careful that he doesnt cut off any cute fingers.
"Hey mom, dont get my face"
Onions need a lot more color
heat some oil in a cast iron pan (1/2 cup) and heat it to medium high heat
Take all your potatoes and put in a micro save bowl. I just happen to have this handy
We are going to pre cook them in the micro wave for 5 minutes
They dont get mushy, just cooked a little so the pan doesnt have to do as much work
dump into the cast iron pan and season with your favorite seasoning. I am using some Lemon Pepper Seasoning and a little Fireman's Seasoning but some Season All would work nice too
Onions look great
Cook the burgers till completely cooked (these were started the same time the onions were)
Put the onions aside and protect from the men in the house. It's a dangerous job.
These look great!
As you notice that potatoes are done, feel free to transfer them to a paper towel
Flip the burgers as you notice they develop a crust. Dont rush them.
I love grated cheese, so I am grating the cheese for the burgers
Top the burgers with cheese, notice one will not have cheese tonight
Top each burger with onions and serve with your potatoes. Serve with a healthy salad


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