Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Chicken Enchilada Turnovers

I get bored easily. I think that is why I love to cook. You can pretty much do anything. I bought too many of these puff pastry sheets at Christmas and now I am playing around with them. They are great for topping pot pies and making quick desserts but I got this crazy idea to make empanadas using some enchilada filling, but they really had the flaky feeling of a turnover. So turnover they will be. The empanada recipe I will get to. But I will have to make my own dough. might be a while. Pie dough, really is not my strong suit.

I have a ton of enchilada recipes. My chicken enchiladas works so well because I make the stuffing creamy. Trust me. You want them them creamy.

Chicken Enchilada Turnovers

2 chicken breast (cooked which we will get to)
1 box of puff pastry (thawed)
1 can of green enchilada sauce (I like medium heat)
1 can of ortega chilis
pepper jack cheese (we like it spicy so we use a more pepper jack)
monterey jack cheese
1/2 - 1 cup sour cream (depends how big your chicken breasts are)
1 egg for an egg wash

Preheat oven to 400 degrees
I am poaching my chicken, bring water to a boil put chicken in
once boiling, simmer for 35 minutes (I've never had to go over 45 and that was for some MONSTER chicken breast)
shred or chop, which ever gets the job done
shred up your cheese. I like to shred it myself. First, it's cheaper, but mostly I am convinced they put flour or something to keep the cheese from sticking to itself. It grosses me out. So I shred. We like food bold and spicy so there is more pepper jack than monterey jack. There is about two very healthy cups here. Maybe three.
I like this brand above all other brands. I have bought other brands but it has a better flavor. If The Fireman had his way, I would make it homemade. If you want the recipe for home made green sauce, you can find it on my Chile Verde Recipe or my Tomatillo Chicken
Dump a can of green chilis in. Any brand of these will do. I keep these stocked mile high in my pantry. I get concerned when I get down to a couple. They are in just about everything I cook.
Now as you notice, I used about a cup of sour cream. I think even if I had little chicken breast I would have used that much. I like it soupy. Go heavy on the sour cream. It makes it creamy. Creamy is good.
Now take some enchilada sauce and dump about a cup. Dont be shy. I had to fight off The Fireman from dipping a tortilla chip into the bowl. He suggested baking in a bread bowl. Hmmm...
So clear off your work space (I am so limited in my 1970's dino kitchen) and dust some flour on your counter.
These puff pastry sheets are fine but my bowl I want to use as a guide is bigger than what the sheet is so I am going to roll the sheet out a bit.
Throw some flour on the puff pastry too. The Ballplayer asked if we could trash dinner (he isn't a fan of enchiladas and make dessert)
take a knife and cut around your bowls. it doesnt have to be perfect. your going to close it up. You can take the leftover pastry and roll it all back together for another sheet.
Place filling on half the circle
close and crimp with a fork. Place Turnover on a cookie sheet
I made one with our sauce for The Ballplayer. Always making sure everyone is happy.
Now Take an egg and beat it lightly
lightly brush all your turnovers with the egg mixture
Bake 400 till golden brown
Nice and Creamy


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