Thursday, November 25, 2010

Turkey Leftovers

Oh it's the dreaded Leftover post. Most do not like leftovers. I am in the minority. Every year I take on Thanksgiving with the longing for the leftovers. Really there is nothing like a turkey sandwich the next day. I have made turkeys in the winter just for the sandwich. Guilty! I am careful to not let any of the turkey go to waste so the night of Thanksgiving, I measure out the leftover turkey into individual bags with the purpose for each meal. I then stick the individual bags of turkey into the freezer so the family does not eat it. Each recipe needs about a cup and a half. It doesn't matter if it is white or dark meat. I like to plan out three nights of meals off the leftovers. This year my plan is to make Turkey Soup(fast and easy), Mexican Turkey Pot Pie and Turkey Spaghetti. There usually is not enough mashed potatoes to worry about so I don't spend too much time concerned with all of the other leftovers. My family usually attacks the side dishes like a pack of wolves. If your family has leftover mashed potatoes, consider making potato pancakes the next morning for breakfast. My grandmother always did that. You can also freeze the mashed potatoes and save for the next week to top a shepherds pie. Again, we never get to this point.

If you are not looking forward to turkey leftovers, you can freeze all the meat and use it next month. Any Chicken recipe that calls for cooked meat can be substituted for turkey. Turkey Enchiladas are a favorite in our house as well as Turkey Spaghetti (also known as Turkey Tetrazini)


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