Saturday, November 13, 2010

French Bread Pizza

When I was a little girl my dad would make these frozen French bread pizzas that I thought were to die for. Frozen pizza!!! Anyways, apparently I,m easy to please. Tonight The Fireman is coming home tonight after working the last three and half days. Mind you it's only for tonight and he's back to work tomorrow. Don't feel sorry for me, it works for us! But I found myself not ready for him to be home for dinner. I thought I'd make homemade Calzones but ran out of time to make the dough. So I ran to the store and grabbed a freshly bake French bread. Mind you the smell was killing me while waiting in line. It took all I could do not to eat in line. Again it took every ounce to not rip off a corner while tossing it all together. Unfortunately, French bread is frowned upon while low carbing. The rules don't apply to The Fireman. He's a part time low-carber. It's a tough job!

French Bread Pizza
jar spaghetti sauce
loaf french bread
mozzarella cheese grated
toppings for pizza (I am just using pepperoni)


Pam said...

Yum! It looks great and I love pizza this way!

Mark said...

If you live near a Wal-Mart they have whole wheat Italian loaf bread. That would lower the carbs somewhat.

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