Saturday, March 20, 2010

Greek Chicken and Sauteed Brussel Sprouts

Mother Nature has been having some hot flashes lately. I am sure she must be going through menopause! Maybe she is sick! Don’t worry this isn’t about global warming. I am not one of ‘those’ people. I am just sick of the windy, cold one day and then warm enough for the beach the next. My allergies are so confused that I even had to go to the doctor. If you really know me, I only threaten to go to the doctor. I really would rather not go. All the anxiety raises my blood pressure. Before you know it, I’ve been diagnosed with some rare disease that doesn’t exist anywhere but in my head. So I try to instead feed my family healthy dishes and limit our eating out. It’s harder than one can imagine, especially during baseball season. And my friends tell me that I am extra good at cooking meals ahead of time or using my crock pot. Maybe I should be better at sharing them on my blog. Hmmm just saying.

The Fireman’s doctor recently told him that he needed to add more fiber to his diet. I am laughing because I cook a ton of vegetables but that doesn’t mean they get eaten. So I have been trying to make them more appealing and this one was a winner.

This meal cooks in maybe thirty minutes. The Fireman pulled up a barstool and opened up a cold one. It has become a tradition over the last couple months. I really enjoy it. I cook, and we chat. He pours me a nice glass of wine and I keep glasses in the freezer for his beer. It makes it more special.

When I was a little girl, my momma would try to get me to eat Brussel Sprouts. I think my dad liked them. I despised them. As an adult, I love cabbage and love to sauté it or make a Chinese salad out of it. Brussel sprouts to me taste just like cabbage although I think you must play with them a little or the childhood memories flood back. I even tried to feed them to my grandma’s dog and Babe wouldn’t eat them so they must have been yucky. This recipe is very versatile! The base is Brussel sprouts and bacon but the topping is what ever nut you have in your pantry. I have used sunflower kernel and almonds. Both were great.

Lately I have been making the same chicken over and over each week. We are not bored with it. Both brats eat it and not matter what cut of meat, it always turns out perfect. It is a Mediterranean inspired. I like to prepare the marinade in the morning and let it sit in the fridge all day. I marinade it in the dish I plan on cooking it in. I have tried skin on and skin off chicken and personally like the skin. It flavors the meat and browns to a point that I think I am getting fried chicken without all the carbs. Oooh this meal is perfect for low carb!!!

Greek Style Chicken

3 chicken breast halves with skin and bone
1 tray of skin on bone in thighs
Place chicken in 9x13 baking pan. Season both sides with garlic power, salt and pepper and oregano (be generous, I don’t measure)
Drizzle juice of one lemon over chicken and drizzle olive oil over chicken (again be generous, it’s olive oil not bacon fat)
Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate 8 hours (I’ve done as little as 30 minutes and it is still good)
Take out of frig 30 minutes before baking.
Bake 350 till meat is cooked and juices run clear

Sautéed Brussel Sprouts

20 Brussel sprouts sliced

Cut up 4 pieces of bacon and fry until crispy. Transfer to a paper towel. Now here is where the recipe is up to you. If you are watching your weight, clean out the pan and heat 2 TB olive oil to the pan- if you are feeling naughty leave the bacon fat in the pan and then add ½ onion diced, cook until translucent. Add Brussel sprouts and saute till al dente. I like mine a little brown. I find they become sweet. Make sure you salt and pepper the veggies. I have made the mistake of forgetting and my family was not happy. This veggie needs the salt. Add the bacon back to the pan and top with ½ of your favorite nut. Sunflower or Almond is what I prefer but candied pecans would be nice too!


Cooking Rookie said...

Looks great! I will make brussels sprouts with chicken next time I buy them!

Biren said...
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Biren said...

This sounds delicious! You are so good about marinating the meat in the fridge for that amount of time. It probably taste so much better :)

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