Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Missing trees

On my morning walk through Waller Park, I found myself aching for the mountains that I spent my childhood in. It amazes me that I couldn't wait to trade it all in for track homes. As a child I wanted to live in a neighborhood where there were tons of kids to play with. I felt cheated. I felt it was unfair to walk two miles to get to the bus stop just to ride another thirty minutes to school. I hated all the weather changes. Hated that first sign of winter. Despised the feel of that crisp air. It was wrong to force a child to experience fresh air, after all!! Now I just want to go back to having acres apon acres of space between me and my neighbors. All those things I complained about as a child now are the things I ache to get back. And as I walked through all those trees, looking up at the sun and it's beams coming through the trees, I feel cheated now. City life just doesn't compare to the landscape of mountains and trees...Trees! Uh its just something we dont have alot of naturally here on the Central Coast. There are trees but they are planted, on purpose. And having neighbors really is over rated. Yes, you can borrow sugar but also get to hear all of their laundry. When did I become so...unsociable? When did aging make me so sarcastic and jaded? And it's not just me, The Fireman has become down right obnoxious at times with his sarcasm. Does aging give me a carte blanche to say what I want regardless of the consequences? I've become somewhat of a bitch. Maybe...just maybe I can blame it on my lack of being socialized as a child. Ahh this is great! Forcing me to live as a child in the middle of no-where has made me into the woman I am today! I guess it's really not my fault after all!


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