Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Oven Roasted Artichokes

I am always looking for a new way to make artichokes. Our favorite has been all summer grilling them. I get bored easily and wanted to see if there was another way to make them. I have steamed them, boiled them but I have never roasted them before. The recipe is very simple. The only thing I would change is use less oil. They were tasty but oily.

Oven Roasted Artichokes
recipe adapted by
here's what you need
olive oil
salt and pepper
 ok so these artichokes have seen better days, but regardless they need to be cleaned up, cut off the sharp edges of every leaf
 You are going to need some garlic cloves, whole
 you will not be needing the steaming pot this time
 you will need large sheets of foil for each artichoke, and I like to tear them before I start pouring oil
 these artichokes need to stand on their own so cut off the stem
 I like to use a serrated knife for my artichokes
 next cut off the top
 take a lemon and rub it along all the cuts. It will keep it from turning brown and make it pretty for the end result
 you could squeeze the lemon too but we are going to do this later. I have a lemon tree so I can do both
 so take your fingers and stretch out the artichoke. I cant do it and take pictures but once I put the camera down I went to town on the artichoke
 you can take a knife to it to dig the center too. You need to fit a couple garlic cloves in there
 ok so now the lemon really matters so I get the foil down to catch the extra and squeeze a lemon half on the artichoke
 put a little drizzle of oil on the artichoke. Go easy. The video says to down it. I disagree.

 Stuff some garlic in the center, salt and pepper
 wrap up tight. It should look like a hershey kiss
 there is no chocolate inside this kiss
 Since I am roasting artichokes I figured I would roast some some garlic too. With a knife take the head off of a head of garlic
 Put on some foil and drizzle some olive oil on it
 Roast in the oven for 1 hour to hour and half at 425. These are rather small so an hour is when I will check them

 I still made a little dip with some light mayo, dijon mustard and soy sauce


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