Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Bacon & Potato Frittata

When I was a little kid, this was what my father would make for breakfast ALL the time! But He didn't use the fancy pancy name of Frittata. This was just an omelette. It wasn't until, later in life that I came to know it as a frittata. My father was the cook in our household. My mother was not much of a cook. Even today she really doesn't enjoy cooking. After my parents divorced my father did the cooking when I lived with him on and off during my childhood. He is an amazing cook. This is a very thinner version of what he would make. He would have made his in a smaller pan so it was much thicker. That would have taken longer to cook. There is no wrong way, though. Today I am making it with Bacon and a bag of potatoes. But you could use ground sausage, chorizo, hamburger, turkey, chicken, or no meat and just vegetables! The options are endless!

Bacon & Potato Frittata 
6 eggs
1 bag Simply potatoes, shredded potatoes
4 pieces bacon sliced in chunks
1 cup pepper jack
1 cup cheddar cheese
2 green onion
3-4 TB canola oil (or be naughty and wait and use the bacon fat)
salt and pepper
It is imperative you use a cast iron pan. If you don't have one you will have to use a pan that is oven proof. In this recipe I am using TWO cast iron pans. In this one, I am cooking the potatoes, so you will need to add a couple TB of oil. I am using canola oil. You could use, vegetable oil but don't use  olive oil because we are cooking on high to medium high heat and olive oil does not do well on that high of heat.
Normally I would peel, shred, take a towel and squeeze all the water out and then fry the potatoes but sometimes I use these. I find these next to my bacon in the grocery store and they are really great for saving time. And there is time when I need to save time.
So since the potatoes are not needing to be peeled, off to chunk or chop the bacon. I always chop meat on a plastic cutting board. It is easier to sanitize than using my wood board.
Toss the potatoes into the HOT pan and season with your favorite seasoning. Right now, my favorite is creole seasoning.
Dump the bacon in a COLD pan.
While those are cooking you can shred some cheese. I love to shred my own cheese. I also love to use a combo of spicy cheese and cheddar cheese. My dad would throw a handful of red pepper flakes in the potatoes. So I think that is why I like spicy flavors.
I am not looking to make a big potato pancake so I am going to keep the potatoes moving so it all gets crispy
Same goes for the bacon. I need it all to get crispy so it all needs to keep moving
There is only 4 of us eating this morning (possibly 3, so I am only using 6 eggs and I know that seems like it is not that much eggs but it really is plenty.
Slice of the green onions. Half will be for inside and half will be for on the top
Dont forget the  cheddar cheese
Keep those potatoes moving! They will get brown! I promise!
Meanwhile, place your oven on broil. Notice mine is a dinosaur.
My bacon was done, so I took it out of the pan, blotted it on a paper towel and removed the drippings from the pan (don't toss those though, they are like gold!)
Your potatoes should be done. Add half of the nice and golden brown potatoes to the bacon pan.
Top with half of the onions.
Beat the eggs, add a very small pinch of salt (there is a ton of cheese and bacon so you don't need a ton of salt) and a healthy dose of pepper (1/2 tsp) and then add the jack cheese. Mix up well
Add to the potatoes and bacon
This is the only time you can stir. Give it all a good mix.
Add the rest of the cheese to the top. Once the sides are set, move the pan to the oven.
Save the remainder of the potatoes for serving the frittata
Cook under the oven for 4-5 minutes
Add green onions as garnish


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