Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween Meal Ideas

My brats a little older now, in fact some have grown and flew the coop. But being an experienced mom, I can tell you that you will want to get a good meal into your kids before letting them loose to Trick or Treat. In fact, you want to eat a good meal before being forced to "try" each of the candies. It's a hard job somebody has to do it!!

When my kids were younger, we would do two different scenarios for Halloween. The first one being combining the neighborhood together for a quick BBQ before Trick or Treating as a big crowd. This was great for families of small children. It provided friends to run up on scary houses and more parents to add that extra set of eyes. A favorite and quick meal was always Hotdogs. It ensured that you could feed a lot of kids for cheap. It also ensured that the kids would eat. That's big when faced with hoards of candy. For adults, consider making Bacon Wrapped Hot Dogs! You won't complain about eating hotdogs while eating these!
As the kids got older, they didn't want to Trick or Treat with the neighborhood. You understand! They became pre-teens and wanted to be with the friends they go to school with. So I fell back on what my parents would make when I was a kid. Sloppy Joes!!! You remember as a child eating Sloppy Joes. My mom made them out of a can of Manwich. She would serve them open face over toasted buns. You had to eat them with a fork and butter knife. The key is making making meals to fill them up before eating all that candy. Being the control freak I am, you won't see a can of Manwich in my kitchen. You have all the ingredients for it in your kitchen right now! I've changed my mothers Sloppy Joes. I always serve with homemade coleslaw. Over the years, that coleslaw has ended up on our Sloppy Joes. You'll love it! The creamy mayonnaise base goes great with the tangy sauce in the Sloppy Joes!

With these two meals, you'll be ready for Halloween and all that candy!!!

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Veronica Lee said...

Happy Halloween!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Pam said...

Great sandwiches! I love sloppy joes. Our kids always had to eat dinner first too before trick or treating way back when. I'm sure this filled your kids up.

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